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Eugene based Chef/Pizzaiolo Rocky Maselli is making traditional Neapolitan pizza on the streets of Eugene with his roving pizzeria.

Pizzeria DOP is a mobile pizzeria operating out of a custom built 18” food trailer equipped with a wood burning oven and everything needed to make Neapolitan pizza. We are a roving pizzeria which means that we park and set up shop with some of the best vintners, brewers, markets, and event spaces in Eugene. We often change location so you should follow us on social media for daily location updates.

This is where you can usually find us:

Tuesday, Wednesday- Coldfire Brewery

Thursday Oakshire Brewery

Friday, Saturday Capitello Winery

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The store is closed for maintenance

About Our Pizza

Pizzeria DOP is Rocky Maselli’s love letter to Naples, its pizza making traditions and culture. 

In 2012 Rocky had the amazing opportunity to go to VPN Pizza School in Naples where he graduated at the top of the class of an international pizza making contingent. He went from there to being the Chef at the San Francisco and Oakland A16 restaurants, while he was there A16 was honored with the distinction of being one of the top 10 pizzerias in the country (Food & Wine, Huffington Post, The Food Network, CNN and more).

Rocky started Pizzeria DOP in July of 2020 with the goal of bringing his old school Neopalitan pizza to Eugene. Each pizza is handcrafted using the AVPN* pizza making rules of dough preparation and fermentation. The dough is made daily and allowed to ferment for at least 48 hours. The live fire wood burning oven runs at 800 degrees, cooking a pizza in 90 seconds. Our signature pizza is the DOP Montanara which is lightly fried, topped with tomato sauce, basil and smoked mozzarella then finished in the wood burning oven. Ingredients are super important to us so we use the best seasonal local ingredients and imported Italian D.O.P. product to top our pizza.

We are the only pizzeria specializing in pizza fritta in the state of Oregon.